New opportunity!India LED Lighting“Crazy " Reform plan


In 2015,countries for the promotion strength of LED Lighting is more strong.And India as the second largest country in population,in this regard,the popularity of policy is more that the effort.

Early this year,India's prime minister Moodie announced the promotion of LED energy saving lights and package plan in the government office buildings,streets and ordinary people's homes,and start Home and Streetlight Replacement Program,"Light path movement".

LED Lighting Reform plan in various fields

Earlier this year,India energy efficiency Bureau (BEE) and India semiconductor lighting contract energy management group (EESL) is also set to launch a business model "road map"of the government procurement of LED Lighting. Currently,302 government departments have been involved in this promotion project.
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Home Lighitng
At present, it has more than 186 cities to join the promotion plan of the household electric LED Lighting in India.Including Andhra Pradesh,Pondicherry and other cities have completed a comprehensive renovation project,million LED light bulbs have been placed in the home of the people.

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Public Lighting

According to the promotion plan,before March 2019,househould electric lights and streetlights will be replaced by LED energy saving lights,now in India market,the number of ordinary light bulbs is 770 million,the number of streetlights is 3.5 million.
It is understood that Northeast Railway (NER),one of the 17 Railway Areas in India will support the government's energy saving and environmental protection plan by installing solar panels and energy saving LED light bulbs on its equipment,in addition, some cities have enabled the LED road lighting system.The capital of Nāgāland,Kohima city plans to start implementation of the smart city construction project from January next year.

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India government through the way of installment payment,low bid,government subsidy to promote the promotion of LED energy saving lamps,with the rapid development of urbanization and industrialization in India,in 2015-2020,LED street lamp output value will reach 4.1 million,the overall level of LED lighting products in the India market is relatively low,product import threshold is relatively low,LED lighting products of India government supply have been relaxed restrictions,at present, many domestic enterprises to enter the India market.

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